Fr. Joseph's homilies

Homily Notes:14th Sunday of the Ordinary Time 

My Dear Parishioners,
How are you all?
Happy Independence Day to one and all.
I am Fr Joseph Kuzhichalil CMI, a Carmelite Priest from INDIA.  I heard a lot of good things about you, your parish, your school and about the so many beautiful ministries of the great parish of St. Joseph’s Florence and the wonderful generous and loving people of this Parish.
I am truly and immensely grateful to Reverend Fr. Roy Runkle, your great shepherd who led this parish in the best manner possible in all spheres of spiritual and pastoral life.  My humble request before all of you is this:  please carry on all the best heritage and all the best practices of this parish.  I will be available always in your spiritual and pastoral needs as your priest and as your brother.  You can reach me any time in my cell phone number: 586744 9158.
The main theme of the readings of this Sunday is concerned with God’s promise of peace and consolations in Christ. “Take my yoke and you will find rest;    All those who labor and are burdened, please come to me .  Accept my yoke for my yoke is easy and my burden light.”
But at the same time the Lord Jesus has no sympathy towards the proud and self complacent ones and he reminds us to approach him with a humble and sincere heart.
Also we see in this Gospel passage our Lord Jesus making the greatest claim that he is the perfect reflection of the Heavenly Father.  “Nobody knows the Father except they Son and ...him to whom the Son wishes to reveal “
Therefore we are all a blessed people and must be thankful to Him always and every where.
The most consoling message is that God loves all of us and even the least one according to our judgement can be very close to His most adorable Heart.
He asks us to accept his yoke and we are not yoked alone to pull the plough but we are yoked together with Jesus Christ to work with him using his strength for our salvation.  Though the burden may be heavy, it becomes light and easy to carry if we bring Christ’s love in our life.  Thus let us unload our burdens before the Lord.  Eisenhower, the great leader of the US forces during the Second World War, before he became the President, prayed
“Lord with Your grace I have done the best I can.  You take over until morning “
Saint John XX111, during his papacy used to submit all his anxieties to God by this  prayer every night.
“Lord, I have done the best I can.  I am going to bed.  It is Your Church.  Take care of it “


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