Letter from your Parish Council



Dear Fellow Parishioners:

As the Covid Pandemic continues, Father Joseph, The CRG Committee and The Parish Council continue to explore ideas and ways to keep our St. Joseph community as safe as possible.  Those of us that have been able to attend services in the church, are grateful to be there and want to continue to provide a protective environment for everyone as time goes on.  All of the measures we have put into place, taking temperatures, wearing masks, social distancing, good handwashing, are all for our own protection and the protection of those around us.  Most recently, we have invested in doing a deep-cleaning of the church on a weekly basis, which will happen for a consistent 8 weeks since school has started back.  Soon, we will have plexiglass inserted around our choir and keyboard as extra measures to ensure everyone is protected while the cantors are providing our music during mass.

Everything we are doing is a sacrifice;  a sacrifice to ensure that everyone is in as safe of an environment as we can, however, we continue to observe some parishioners that are non-compliant with wearing masks and sometimes, social distancing.  This has become a real issue over the last couple of weeks; so much, that the Parish Council has received complaints that parishioners are frightened and are going to stop coming to church because they do not feel safe anymore.  As a Parish, we must come together and think about each other.  We are a FAMILY and that means we need to sacrifice for one another.  We ask you to please stop and think about your actions if you are not practicing wearing your mask appropriately as we have requested.  Please think about your fellow parishioners and what it means to them.

The Parish Council is putting a process in place to ensure the safety practices of wearing masks appropriately is adhered to for everyone’s safety.  Here’s how it will work:

  1. When a parishioner is seen wearing their mask inappropriately, a greeter or designated person will speak to them, reminding them of the appropriate way to wear their mask.
  2. If there is an identified parishioner that is consistently non-compliant in wearing their mask appropriately, a member of the CRG committee or Parish Council, will personally call the individual parishioner to discuss the situation with them.
  3. If the identified parishioner continues to attend church services and be non-compliant, he/she will be asked to attend a meeting with Deacon Greg and Father Joseph.

It is our intent to provide a safe environment to our Parish Community.  This is the only reason the above process is being put into place.  It is our hope that we will never have to use it but we wanted our parishioners that we are prepared to take action if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, support, patience and especially, prayers during this difficult time.  Our Parish family will be stronger for sacrificing for one another, working together and continuing to serve the Lord during this COVID pandemic.


With Servant Leadership,

Father Joseph & The Parish Council