Parish wide Lenten small groups

Hello St. Joseph parishioners,

We are excited to announce that our parish will participate in the small group program, Christ Life during Lent!

What is Christ Life?

St. Joseph Church - ChristLife Introduction

Lent is rapidly approaching, so ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Am I as good a Christian as I can be?  
  • Do I have as good of a personal relationship with Christ that I could have?
  • If not, why?
  • Thank goodness the Catholic Church recognizes that we are all humans who require a “reset” from time-to-time.  And blessed are those who take advantage of the Lenten season to re-examine, re-establish, and re-new their relationship with our Lord.
  • And, thank goodness our diocese has just the program for you; and just in time for Lent called ChristLife!  


  • Christlife is a 3-part program that makes missionary disciples by helping people discover Jesus Christ, follow Him as Catholic disciples, and share Him with others.
  • St. Joseph’s Parish will introduce Part 1, “Discovering Christ,” during this year’s Lenten Season.
  • Part 1 is a seven-week experience that invites every person:
  1. to encounter the love God the Father, 
  2. to enter into or renew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, 
  3. and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as God’s children.


  •  How?
    • Small groups will form & decide when, where, and what time to meet weekly. Your group can meet in person or virtually. YOU decide what works best for you!
    • Each small group will include a (1) Facilitator, (2) Assistant Facilitator/Tech assistant, & (3) YOU
    • ALL materials are furnished, and ALL sessions include an on-line discussion video.
    • No homework! No cost!
    • Volunteers needed (you knew there was a catch)
      • Facilitators:  You will be a “Facilitator” and not a “Trainer.” No experience necessary.  All material, videos, and training will be provided.
        • Facilitators are needed ASAP for training to begin next week on Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on-line.  
        • Facilitators must be signed up by this Sunday evening at:  
        • Notify your Parish DRE or ChristLife Parish Coordinator after signing up for additional information.
        • Ideally, we would like a Facilitator(s) for High School, College, Roaring 20’s, Furious 30-40’s, & Nifty 50’s (+)
  • Assistant Facilitators/Tech Assistant (to assist where needed and help with computer videos and Zoom meetings if necessary)


  • Parish Participants!  Most importantly, we need YOU!  Start organizing your small groups today.
  • Parish Contacts:  DRE: Kim Kroeger (256) 764-3303; or ChristLife Parish Coordinator:  Ron Brumbalow (256)