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1st Holy Communion

Hello families,

1st Holy Communion and 1st Reconciliation is typically celebrated during a child's 2nd grade year. Sometimes, this is not the case. We have two seperate classes to prepare children to recieve their sacraments. They are divided according to a child's age.

Children over the age of 7 who have not been baptized will be prepared for baptism, 1st Reconciliation & 1st Communion, as well as Confirmation. The church views children over the age of 7 as being "the age of reason." Therefore, they are able to request the sacraments, and like adults, are brought into full communion of the Catholic Church. There are additional steps and services that the child must go through for the Confirmation process.  Even though a child has been confirmed, the Bishop insists that the child continue with the religious education. Once they reach the age of the "typical" confirmation year, they will go through the class preparation with their peers. During the Confirmation Mass, the bishop will give a special blessing to the child that was confirmed at a younger age. It is extreamly important that the parents take their role as the primary educations seriously and make certain that the child continues their religious education. Confirmation should never be viewed as "graduation" or "the end" of religious education. Parents should not want their child's religious education to stop at the 2nd grade level. 


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