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Confirmation preparation is a two year process beginning in the student's 9th grade year.  Confirmation will typically be the held in the student's 10th grade year.  Confirmation is held in the spring.  The exact date varies, dependent on the Bishop's schedule.  Confirmation prep is held during the PSR class time on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am-10:45 am.  Confirmation 1 covers the chastity series, YOU.  Confirmation 2 covers Send Out Your Spirit.   Your child needs to choose a Confirmation sponsor during their Confirmation 1 class year.  The students are required to have a total of 20 service hours prior to being confirmed. Please consult the PSR handbook for more information. Below are two of the forms needed during the Confirmation process.

Please click here for Sponsor Verification Form

Please click here for Service Hour Form

Please contact the DRE, Kim Kroeger, if you have any questions or need to register for classes at 256-764-3303 or

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