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Step-by-Step, How-To Instructions for Online Giving


Would you like to avoid the hassle of writing checks for your contributions to St. Joseph Catholic Church?

Did you know that you can give, electronically to the: General Collection, Building Fund, Soup Kitchen, St. Vincent DePaul, School Scholarships, One Voice, and Burse Club?  You can specify a ‘One time’ Donation, or a ‘Reoccurring Donation’.  If ‘Reoccurring’, you can specify the start date and the frequency of your donation.


Here are the steps:

Before you begin, you will need your bank information or your credit card information i.e.

If you want the donation taken from checking, you will need:  Name and Address of Bank, Checking ‘Routing number’, Account Number.

If you want the donation taken from your charge card, you will need:  Name of Card, Your name as it appears on Card, Card number, authorization number (on back of card).

Step 1.  Click on “”

Step 2.  Scroll to bottom of page, click on “Give on Line”

Step 3.  Go to upper right hand corner, click on “sign up”

Step 4.  Fill out—‘email address’, re-enter ‘email address’, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’

Step 5.  A temporary password will be sent to the email address you specified in step 4

Step 6.  Use temporary password in space provided

Step 7.  You will be asked to enter your own ‘password’.

Step 8.  Go back to St. Joseph Catholic Church page

Step 9.  Go to upper right hand corner, click ‘login’

Step 10.  Enter your email address and your password.  Click ‘login’.

Step 11.  Click on account you want to contribute to.

Step 12.  Click on ‘setup a reoccurring donation’ or a ‘one time’ donation.

Step 13.  Pick amount, frequency (ie. Weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).  Select ‘Day of Month’ &      

     ‘Starting Date’.

Step 14.  Specify Payment source (ie. Checking, charge card, etc.)

Step 15.  Have bank information ready

Step 16.  Review data & check ‘I accept’ box if it is correct.


Congratulations!  You are an electronic contributor to St. Joseph Parish!  You can modify or cancel at any time you choose.


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